Nivea Deodorant for Men

Nivea is a division of a skincare product company that has been around for 125 years and their line of deodorant for men shows no exception to the quality that their other products demonstrate. Nivea specializes in products that are good for sensitive skin and that nourish and heal skin which has been damaged or abused. The skin in a man’s sweaty armpits certainly qualifies as skin that has been damaged and abused. It is subjected to some pretty horrific conditions day in and day out as men go through their daily routines of workouts and other sweat-producing activities. For maximum sweat protection, odor control and comfort, any Nivea deodorant for men is an excellent choice.

Nivea has a number of different types of deodorant for men products that use silver ions to fight bacteria and therefore stop body odor. Colloidal silver, or ionic silver, is a powerful antibacterial agent, and has a long history of being used in wounds to fight infection. Therefore, using it in a deodorant to kill the bacteria that cause underarm odor is a pretty sensible idea!

The Silver Protect line of sprays, solid and roll-on deodorant for men from Nivea does just that, and goes one step further to prevent perspiration as well. Most deodorants use aluminum ions to stop sweat. Silver ions work just as well, and since they kill bacteria too, you get a healthier, deodorant without aluminum that works great and smells good too! And like all Nivea skin care products, the Silver Protect product is gentle on your skin, even after shaving or trimming. It lasts for 24 hours and is available in two great masculine scents: the original Dynamic Power scent, and new Polar Blue scent.

Another great Nivea deodorant, which may be difficult to find anywhere except in France where it’s manufactured, is the Menergy line. These deodorants are made for teen males and young adult men who need deodorant and antiperspirant that will cover them in extreme conditions such as partying hard, sports on the beach and while making out. The two scents that Nivea offers are called “Rebellious” and “Wild,” and are available in spray, roll-on and solid. The next time you’re in France, and you need the confidence to be your true self, stop into a drugstore and pick up some Menergy Rebellious Spray and head for the nearest party with confidence that you will crash long before your deodorant does.

For men who struggle with excessive perspiration, Nivea Deodorant Dry Impact may be the solution. It has minerals that create a truly wonderful dry-skin feeling and 24-hour perspiration control. It doesn’t irritate skin like a lot of antiperspirants do, and has no preservatives or alcohol in it. The light scent won’t clash with your cologne either, and it comes in a spray, pump spray, roll-on and solid.

Nivea’s new Cool Kick range of products is an invigorating and vitalizing scent that lasts all day. When you first put one of them on you get a little blast of coolness that basically wakes you up. Throughout the day, there’s a very slight pleasant tingle that helps keep you invigorated and fresh. The deodorants in this Cool Kick line of products regulate odor and perspiration for 24 hours, as well as offering a revitalizing freshness, even after a long day of hard work or exercise. Like other Nivea deodorants, Cool Kick deodorant is available in roll-on, spray, pump spray and solid.

If you want deodorant and don’t want an antiperspirant, Nivea’s Fresh Active deodorant is the one you’re looking for. It comes in spray, solid, roll-on, and pump spray, and they use ocean extracts to offer 24 hour reliable, skin-soothing deodorant protection.

Another great Nivea product for sensitive armpits is Nivea’s Sensitive Protect roll-on or spray. When you apply it, not only do you get 24-hour protection from perspiration and odor, but you also get 24 hours of protection from irritation. It has no alcohol, preservatives or anything else that might irritate your skin and it is packed with ingredients that soothe and protect skin from outside irritants.

Consumer reviews for Nivea deodorant for men generally are a resounding, “I love it!” People who travel to Europe end up bringing back cases of it so that they won’t ever run out and people who manage to discover a place where they can buy it while living in the United States are ecstatic. The price of Nivea deodorant tends to be a little higher than what you would pay for off-the-shelf deodorant in your local grocery store, but the value is considerably greater. Customers say that it smells great, it lasts the entire 24 hours that Nivea says it will, and it takes care of your skin better than any other product on the market. For these reasons alone it’s worth paying the small cost of shipping required when purchasing a product online.

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