Deodorant without aluminum mens

Deodorant Without Aluminum

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Deodorant without aluminum has great benefits to everyday users. Application of deodorant is part of a daily hygienic routine and it is important that the deodorant or antiperspirant you use is free from harmful ingredients like aluminum. When aluminum enters your body, it is dangerous to your health. The use of deodorant without aluminum also allows your body to regulate its temperature in a natural way.

Using deodorant without aluminum can change your energy level as well as mood due to your body’s ability to control its temperature. Your sensitive skin when using deodorant without aluminum won’t suffer from deodorant rash unlike those who use deodorant with aluminum. The development of rashes clearly suggests that aluminum is a potentially harmful ingredient.

Finding a deodorant without aluminum is quite easy. Just bear in mind that when a deodorant is tagged as antiperspirant, it is most likely to contain aluminum. The main function of aluminum when used with a deodorant is to block the body pores and prevent sweat from being discharged through the pores; thus it is antiperspirant. There are many natural deodorants available in the market. These natural deodorants contain tea tree oil and mineral salts and certainly no aluminum.

A number of diseases may be acquired when aluminum is allowed to enter your body. The accumulation of aluminum in your body can lead to Alzheimer’s disease and may also increase the risk of acquiring breast cancer in women. Aluminum is considered as a neurotoxin that is why it is not intended to be applied to the body. The blockage of sweat by aluminum is not healthy to the body since it reduces our chance of eliminating unwanted body fluids. Discharge of body fluids such as sweat is one of the best ways of removing toxins in our body. Take note that aluminum has no biological function and has no useful purpose in the human body.

Some deodorants without aluminum use baking soda as a replacement for aluminum. Other deodorants contain alum instead of aluminum. Alum also has a sweat blocking property but is not harmful to your health like aluminum. Alum can also be used as an astringent in after shaves.

There are some deodorants without aluminum but contain zinc instead. You must also not use this kind of deodorant since zinc can also cause skin irritation just like aluminum. We must also keep in mind that some all natural or organic deodorants has ingredients that can still harm you when these ingredients are absorbed in our bloodstream, so you still must be keen in reading all the information in the deodorant packaging even if it is an aluminum free deodorant.

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