Aluminum in Deodorant

Aluminum in Deodorant

Aluminum is a common ingredient on deodorant packaging because aluminum is a vital ingredient that gives the deodorant its anti perspiration property.

Aluminum is essential in blocking the body pores that produce and discharge sweat. Preventing the release of sweat prevents the production or multiplication of bacteria, eventually preventing body odor. However, aluminum has no biological function and is not conducive for your well being.

Why Aluminum is Not Good for the Body

Doctors and medical experts have been reminding people not to use products, especially those applied to the body, containing aluminum as an ingredient.

Blocks the release of sweat

One reason why aluminum in deodorant is not good for your body is its sweat blocking property. Non-release of sweat from our body prevents us from discharging or getting rid of excess water and the dreaded toxins. You must remember that sweating is a natural biological process that your body should undergo.

Causes aluminum deposition

Aluminum in deodorant and the continuous usage of a deodorant with aluminum can lead to accumulation of aluminum in the body or deposition in the viscera. The aluminum deposition particularly in nerve cells is one cause of Alzheimer’s disease. Aluminum deposition also causes breast cancer in women. And since aluminum is a neurotoxin, it still has the potential to generate other adverse effects in our bodies.

Affects major body organs

One adverse affect of aluminum in deodorant absorbed in your body is its negative impact on the blood brain barrier. Aluminum is also capable of causing DNA damage. The blocking of sweat with toxins forces the toxins to reverse back to other parts of the body and eventually causes diseases in those body parts. Aluminum may also spread to lymphatic systems of our body and cause damage in these areas as well. Aluminum also has a toxic effect on the nervous system.

Aluminum is a very important and extremely useful metal that has many applications in the modern world we live in. It is an important material in the making of airplane parts including fuselages of fighter airplanes, in soda cans, cooking utensils and so many more. However, aluminum should not be part of products that are made to come in contact with the body since it is risky. Hygiene, being beautiful and smelling fresh is good but not when you have to sacrifice your health. Being healthy should still be a priority.

Users of deodorant need not worry since there are a lot of all natural deodorant products in the market not containing aluminum and considered good replacements for deodorants with aluminum. Using deodorant without aluminum will naturally regulate body temperature while preventing generation of skin rashes for those with sensitive skin. Deodorant without aluminum will also ensure the continuous discharge of toxins when sweating.

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